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Approximate US Shipping Rates: Anything $1.50 and above shipping fee overage will be refunded.

Priority Mail Boxes are insured up to $50 each and it comes with tracking numbers. If you wish to purchase more insurance, you are welcome to do so. 

The approximate yardage for shipping is estimated below.  Please be aware that different types and weights of fabric will allow more or less yardage to fit.  I will always do my best to get you the best price on shipping.

United States
1 to 4 Yards - $6.45 - $7.00 Priority Mail (Regional or Padded Envelope) 2 to 3 Business days
5 to maybe 10 to 12 yards - $13 Priority Medium Flat Rate --less if you live close enough for Regional Shipping
12 to maybe 16 to 19 yards - $18 Priority Large Flat Rate--less if you live close enough for Regional shipping

Regional Shipping
Regional Shipping is based on distance.  The closer you live to me (Waco, TX) the lower the rate for Regional Shipping. Contrary to belief, Regional can ship anywhere domestically, however, if you live closer to SBF then you can save on shipping costs.  States eligible for lower cost Regional Shipping include Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas, New Mexico, Alabama; some parts of the following states also qualify: Illinois, Arizona, Utah, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kentucky, Florida, and both North and South Carolina.

There are two sizes of Regional Boxes -

Regional A box can fit 4 to MAYBE 6 yards and is smaller than a MFRB. Rates vary on distance. Price starts at $7 for local residents and increases with distance.

Regional B box is larger than a MFRB but smaller than LFRB.  It can fit up to 12 yards (more or less depending on fabric choices). Regional B starts at $8 for most of Texas residents, and the prices increase as the distance traveled for delivery increases.  Eligible states are noted above.

International Shipping:  International Shipping and Customs is substantially higher than domestic shipping.  Customers are responsible for any additional taxes, customs, duties, fees, etc., that may be assessed on the order once they have arrived to your country.  Southern Belle Fabrics will not cover these charges for you.  Additionally, we will NOT mark your package as a gift or undervalue your package under any circumstances.

When calculating international shipping fees, additional package insurance (to cover the cost of replacement) will be calculated into the cost/shipping estimate.  We will send an invoice through PayPal once we have received your order for you to pay the difference in shipping. Please be sure to keep an eye on your email for timely order processing.

International Shipping Rates:  For International Orders, if you order size is enough for Medium or Large box, then we will provide a free vacuum bag to maximize the yardage you can get in a box. Once you check out on BigCartel, we will be in contact to bill you the difference in shipping costs. Please be sure to check your email for timely order processing.

1 Yard - $15 First Class Package
2 to 4 Yards - $25 Priority Padded
5 to 12 Yards - $45 Priority Medium.
12 to 20 yards - $60 Priority Large.

New Zealand and Australia
1 Yard - $23 First Class
2 to 4 Yards - $34 Priority Padded
5 to 12 Yards - $74 Priority Medium
12 to 20 Yards - $93 Priority Large

If you would like a shipping estimate for any country not listed please feel free to  send an email to

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